obsessed with pot stickers

summary: obsession with pot stickers; search for the lacy covering;

I cannot stop thinking about pot stickers! And making different fillings with different shapes.

  • Tear drop shape for pork or shrimp
  • Triangle shape for spinach and mushroom
  • Half moon shape for….

And what about that amazing lacy topping that always comes with the dumplings we get in ChinaTown? We speculated that it was simply cornstarch added to the water. None of our books say anything about how to do this.

The internet came to the rescue!

The cook pours on a thin layer of batter into the skillet as the pot stickers pan-fry. When they are done, there is a crisp layer that comes out with all the dumplings
– Christopher Tan, Help! Mysterious Pot Stickers with a Crisp Skirt, Asian Dumpling Tips
[We] went about five (5) rounds with cooking the pot stickers before we arrived at what we deemed was the tastiest, most delicate skirt. All that’s required is that instead of pouring water into the pan to steam the dumplings after they’ve fried, you pour in a slurry of flour and water. The water boils off and the starches cook into a crisp crust to connect all the dumplings.
– Andrea Nguyen, How to Put a Crisp Skirt on Pot Stickers, Asian Dumpling Tips

screenshot asiandumplingtips.com

What do you think? Should we try it?



3 responses to “obsessed with pot stickers

  1. Barbara M

    I don’t think I’ve never seen that lacy skirt on potstickers. I worry that it would steal some of the browning from the bottom of the dumplings.

    1. Elizabeth

      When we made dumplings again the next day, I somehow blundered onto making a teardrop from vaguely remembering what I saw when watching Tipsy Waltz’s video; I wasn’t at all sure how I managed it so was afraid to try another. Alas, I don’t have photographic evidence of my triumph. But now that I’ve watched the video again, I think I’ve got it. (I hope)

      When we’ve had dumplings with the lacy skirt in ChinaTown, they have quite nice browning. The lacy skirt is beautifully golden too.

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