You win some – you lose some

summary: Wine and whine;

:-) Oh! Oh! :-)
vintage wine

We are always a little nervous opening wine that we’ve been keeping. There’s always the fear that it will be over-the-hill.

But we shouldn’t have been afraid; this one hadn’t quite reached its peak.

It. was. fabulous.

…just like all the years we’ve spent together.

Oh Oh…. :lalala:

When will I learn?!

I foolishly updated something on WP without doing a proper backup and NOW the commenting section is broken and the sidebar is invisible.

Spit. :stomp: :stomp: :stomp:

Of course I have to leave the computer right now. Maybe when I come back, it will be fixed… (as if).

Edit: It turns out that a plugin suddenly refuses to work. Sigh. Back to the drawing board to find a replacement for it.
But at least the comments are working again. (I think.)
2nd edit: Duh… It WASN’T the plugin that was at fault. It was my rotten coding – I didn’t close something properly. I believe it’s fixed now. :stomp:



4 responses to “You win some – you lose some

      1. katiezel

        It’s sad when we open them too early – but once it’s ready – don’t wait…. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? (I think someone else said that before me….)

        1. Elizabeth

          It’s sadder when we open them too late. Happily, that has happened to us only a couple of times – but it’s so disappointing. It’s especially disappointing when it’s so late that the wine has turned to vinegar.

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