oh the weather outside is…


  1. frightful
  2. amazing
  3. ridiculous
  4. all of the above

I cannot believe it. It’s snowing. Again. Still. (…didn’t that stupid groundhog say there were only 2 more weeks of winter?) How is it that the weather office manages to get snowfall predictions right?

To add insult to injury, T decided he’d like to branch out and try his hand at bread making. And here’s a big surprise, his first attempt was stellar. :stomp:

bread Naturally, as is his wont, he just sort of followed a recipe – basically doubling our pizza dough recipe. Except he decided to omit the oil. And he added a little extra whole wheat flour. And he made an error with the amount of yeast, using about a quarter the amount. And he measured the salt by eyeballing it in his hand.

Don’t you despise people like him who never seem to have any failures?

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2 responses to “oh the weather outside is…

  1. katie

    After 2 horridly cold and snowy weeks in Minnesota…You have my understanding and my sympathy!
    It’s been cold here since I got back…relatively speaking (15C) but at least I have some blooming spring flowers.
    Yes, I hate people like that!!!!

    15C! Cold?! That sounds absolutely balmy! Our kitchen is that temperature right now! :stomp: -ejm

  2. Jeanne

    Natural bread bakers – bah!! Life just isn’t fair!

    Indeed. And now, of course, T is a bread-making expert and is freely offering advice. :lalala: -ejm

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