oh the weather outside is…


  1. frightful
  2. amazing
  3. ridiculous
  4. all of the above

I cannot believe it. It’s snowing. Again. Still. (…didn’t that stupid groundhog say there were only 2 more weeks of winter?) How is it that the weather office manages to get snowfall predictions right?

To add insult to injury, T decided he’d like to branch out and try his hand at bread making. And here’s a big surprise, his first attempt was stellar. :stomp:

bread Naturally, as is his wont, he just sort of followed a recipe – basically doubling our pizza dough recipe. Except he decided to omit the oil. And he added a little extra whole wheat flour. And he made an error with the amount of yeast, using about a quarter the amount. And he measured the salt by eyeballing it in his hand.

Don’t you despise people like him who never seem to have any failures?

(click on images for larger views)

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