our pie grapes ARE “Coronation” grapes

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grape pie In the recent post about grape pie, I said that we hadn’t taken any photos of of grape pie slices. When T saw that, he exclaimed that he HAD taken photos and distinctly remembered doing so. I searched and re-searched through my photo folder: nope, nothing. T’s response to that: “Really?? Are you sure? Maybe they’re in another folder.”

No. Not there. Nothing like it…

Errrmm… that is, nothing in my photo folder. When I went to fetch the photos of the grape basket, there were the photos of pie slices from the first pie in that same folder! I had forgotten to move them. :lalala:

And in the comments area of that previous post, Sheryl (Taste T.O.) suggested that the grapes we were using were coronation grapes. But I wasn’t convinced; the grapes we bought are seedless and according to the information at Ontario Tender Fruit Producers (ontariotenderfruit.com), Coronation grapes are semi-seedless:

Ontario Coronation Table Grapes – available August 21 to September 15. […] The crisp, juicy flesh and mild sweet taste of the semi-seedless Coronation Table grape is ideal for eating fresh out-of-hand. They are also a favourite for garnish, a sweet addition to cheese and fruit platters and a superb ingredient for baking and preserving.

Ontario Tender Fruit Producers: Coronation Table Grapes

coronation grape basket We bought more grapes to make another grape pie (grape pie really is awfully good!). This time, handily printed on the basket handle was the name of the grape as well as where the grapes came from (Virgil, Ontario, which is very close to Niagara-on-the-lake, about an hour and a half drive from Toronto).

So, you’re right, Sheryl. Our pie grapes ARE “Coronation” grapes. I should never have doubted it.

The second grape pie made with the clearly labelled grapes was easily as delicious as the first (made with the exact same kind of grapes) No photographic evidence of the second pie – after a while, pies tend to look the same as each other, don’t you think?

I did get one tiny seed in my slice of pie last night. But I don’t think I would call these Coronation grapes semi-seedless – hemi-demi-seedless, maybe, but not semi-seedless!


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