tiny holly ©ejm2004Happy New Year!tiny holly ©ejm2004

We had the best paella last night! We decided not to put any chicken in but only had homemade sausage (made with some cayenne pepper flakes to mimic chorizo), ham, fresh clams, and lots of fresh shrimp. We had hoped to get a couple of scallops but didn’t see any. We got the seafood in Chinatown at our favourite supermarket. We also got some beautiful snowpeas at the vegetable market just next door to the fish place.

Wow! That dinner really was the best. Because it was New Year’s Eve, we got a bottle of Segura Viudas (Cava) Brut Reserva 2000. It was good – a little sweeter than we might like but nice and fruity. In fact, it was very good. It went perfectly with the paella and the last half glass was lovely with Mom’s fruitcake and hardsauce.

But, in the final assessment, we have both agreed that for next time, unless we can get a Blanquette de Limoux (and even then we might think about it), we’ll just invest in a good bottle of still wine. The fizzy stuff is fun, but let’s face it, it has the bubbles so that people won’t notice that the wine is slightly inferior.