You win some – you lose some

summary: Wine and whine;

:-) Oh! Oh! :-)
vintage wine

We are always a little nervous opening wine that we’ve been keeping. There’s always the fear that it will be over-the-hill.

But we shouldn’t have been afraid; this one hadn’t quite reached its peak.

It. was. fabulous.

…just like all the years we’ve spent together.

Oh Oh…. :lalala:

When will I learn?! (continue reading )

Eating from the book…. Karma beet and coconut soup

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Beet Soup summary: recipe for Karma Beet and Coconut Soup, based on a recipe in the accompanying cookbook for Monica Bhide’s novel, “Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken”; substitutions and/or additions; book review;


Karma and the Art of Butter Chicken This book that is reminiscent of a Bollywood Movie (I could almost imagine the dance sequences!) is a fun light read, in spite of its underlying serious message reminding us of the inordinate number of people in the world who go hungry and how we well-fed ones treat them.

Yes, you’ll have to suspend your disbelief from time to time, but the interesting twist at very beginning with “taste of childhood” and the silliness of reality TV show, as well as the descriptions of the actual kitchen make it well worth reading the book. (continue reading )

Eeeeek! …porridge bread (BBB November 2016)

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BBB November 2016 summary: recipe for Porridge Bread, based on a recipe in “The Village Baker” by Joe Ortiz; reading difficulties – again (still??); in spite of me, we have delicious bread once again; a Bread Baking Babes project;

Bread Baking Babes (BBB) November 2016: Porridge Bread

Rye Porridge, eh?

When I was growing up, we often had porridge for breakfast – oatmeal porridge, that is. We would sprinkle brown sugar on top and pour milk over the hot cereal. Sometimes there were dates cooked into the porridge. I loved spooning into a steaming bowl of Mum’s porridge each morning before bundling myself into leggings, parka, scarves, mittens, hat and heading off to kindergarten.

So, when our family was moving from Winnipeg to Edmonton, and took the train to get there, (that’s right, people used to choose to travel by train!) I asked if I could have porridge for breakfast in the dining car. Imagine my surprise, when the steaming bowl was filled with a shuddering mass of smooth, smooth, smooth cream of wheat. Being five, my response to the travesty was to tearfully blubber out, “Do I have to eat that??”

I will remain forever grateful to my dad for asking the porter to bring some toast for me and heroically eating the offending bowl of {brrrrr} cream of wheat.

porridge bread (BBB) So. When Kelly (A Messy Kitchen) said we would be making porridge bread this month, at first, I cheered. And then I saw that

it. wasn’t. oatmeal. porridge. (continue reading )

This year, we are the Smugs! (Cake Day)

summary: I love Cake Day; annual vinarterta making; disaster averted (not again!?!) (click on image to see photos taken on previous Cake Days)

making vinarterta Ha!! We are the Smugs this year! Yesterday, my vinarterta-making-sister and I squeaked in under the wire and made our cake BEFORE our fruitcake-making-sister. Nyah nyah!

We won the game…
Ha Ha!
We won the game…
Ha Ha!
We won the game…
We won the game…
Weeeee won the game!
-me, song composed sometime in the 1960s after the first time I actually won a game played with my sister

That’s right, our Vínarterta is made.

Naturally, we didn’t take photos.

And, once again, we made a few slight changes. All were on purpose. We almost (and when I say “we”, I mean “me”…) made a big mistake.

We always flip a coin to decide who will make the cakes and who will make the filling. This year, I was making the filling. (continue reading )

Oatmeal Biscuits

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summary: recipe for oatmeal biscuits based on a recipe in HomeBaking by Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford; they taste like graham crackers!

oatmeal biscuits For eons, I’ve had a recipe for Graham Crackers bookmarked. Or, rather, I thought I had bookmarked a recipe for Graham Crackers. In the dim recesses of what’s left of my mind, I seem to remember seeing the recipe on someone’s blog posted near the end of the last century and thinking, “we’ve GOT to make those!” but now I can’t find the recipe anywhere….

Because, j’adore Graham Crackers! They’re wonderful with butter and/or thin thin thin slices of old cheddar cheese. But time being the way it is, Graham Cracker making went on hold and I completely forgot about Graham Crackers. (continue reading )