We are ecstatic. We’re having sliced peaches on cereal, peach lassis, sliced peaches with a tiny bit of brandy, peaches and cream… we’re just waiting til the temperatures cool down a bit and we’ll make peach pie. Ooooh!! And peach duff. And peach crumble.

We have finally figured out how to get decent peaches without having to drive to a peach orchard to pick our own. There are a number of fruit and vegetable stores on our little high street. Most of them are selling Ontario peaches that were picked green and rock hard. Our usual store is selling Ontario peaches that were picked somewhat green. These are better. But there is a more expensive fruit and vegetable store that is selling peaches by the basket. These peaches are only a tiny bit green and are brilliantly juicy. It seems clear that they have been allowed to tree ripen much longer than any of the other peaches. They are then shipped in the baskets to prevent bruising. Yes, they are easily twice as expensive. But the peaches are infinitely better. I figure if we’re going to be extravagant, it may as well be with peaches. I guess we’re worth the extra $3.00 required per basket.

Speaking of extravagances, I recently went to the Thursday afternoon farmer’s market in Dufferin Park. As my English friend says, it’s very twee. I understand that organic fruits and vegetables cost more to grow but, but, but….

Needless to say, I decided that we weren’t worth the extra wheelbarrow of cash required for the really lovely array of things being sold there. (I mean really. $6.00 for a medium sized box of small purple organic grapes?? And $6.00 for a normal sized loaf of bread?? Get real.)

Having said all that, the park is beautiful and the array of produce at the farmer’s market is lovely. I got the impression that I was the only person there who was outraged at the prices. Everyone else was happy as clams. So for people who normally pay supermarket prices for crummy supermarket produce, it is definitely worth a visit. There is also a very fine mud and straw construction going on in the south end of the park – right beside the most beautiful wading pool in a glade of trees.