pita bread fix

I made pita bread again today. And I wasn’t paying proper attention. I just started rolling out the bread and realized that I had to go out rather than bake the pita right then. No problem, I thought. Bread is so forgiving. If I put plenty of flour between each round, I can just bake them when I get back home.

Ha. Naturally (and you knew this already, didn’t you?) they all melded together and I had to roll them all out again. And then when I baked them, they didn’t all puff up beautifully. They didn’t all bake uniformly. In short, they were NOT what I was hoping for. But one of the reasons I had made pita in the first place was to make pita chips…

Some time ago, on of my forumites posted about making pita chips out of pita bread. I had tried it at the time and (oh dear, yet another confession about my inattention) burned them. But with the last batch of pita bread, with some day old pita, I tried again. And pita chips are brilliant!

So THIS time, instead of waiting til the pita went a little stale, I immediately cut up the failed bread, drizzled on some olive oil, pepper and dried oregano (left over herbed olive oil we had dipped bread into for last night’s dinner) and baked the pieces on a cookie sheet in the still hot oven for about 5 minutes. And… yes, wait for it…

Pita chips are BRILLIANT!

Thanks for the idea, David!

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  1. ejm Post author

    Pita chips and hummus! Now why didn’t I think of that? We’ve just been eating the pita chips plain….

    Nice idea to dust with cumin and paprika, McAuliflower. Thanks for the idea. (We still have half the failed pita bread that hasn’t been made into chips yet.)

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