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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Playing with Fire: Mamba!

Filed under: food & drink,spicy — ejm @ 16:42 EDT

summary: Scotch bonnet chillies, peanut butter; how to Mamba; (click on image(s) for larger views and more photos)

Not long ago, our niece told us about the mamba she had tasted in Haiti. Mamba?? “What’s that?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s peanut butter that is laced with Habanero chillies. And maybe (but we’re not sure) some sugar too.

scotch bonnet The other day, we went to a supermarket we don’t normally go to. A supermarket in a neighbourhood with lots of Jamaican and East Indian residents and restaurants.

As we were waiting at the checkout stand, I saw a giant display of stunningly beautiful Scotch Bonnet chillies. A few were light green but most were a brilliant fire engine red. Naturally, I had to race over to get a couple.

Now, I know that we could make our own peanut butter by grinding roasted peanuts. But we’re lazy. Instead, we always buy the President’s “just peanuts” peanut butter. And then we add salt. Because we like salted peanut butter. (Why on earth does the president refuse to make salted peanut butter unless he has added sugar, dextrose, corn syrup, etc. as well?)

mamba Anyway… T put some of the salted “just peanuts” peanut butter into a small jam jar. And added half a finely chopped Scotch Bonnet pepper. And after a brief friendly argument no sugar was added. We each tasted the peanut butter on a cracker. T sprinkled sugar on his.

we: Hmmm… not bad

he: Can you taste the chili though?

me: Only just.

he: I’ll add the other half [chop chop chop... stir stir stir] Now, what do you think?

me: Hmmm, I’m really surprised. It’s not that h… [gasp] Whoa! I can taste it now!

he: Yup. I think it needs more sugar. [sprinkles on sugar]

me: [gasping - hot hot] I think you might be right… [drizzles on honey]

Mmm! Yes! That’s really pretty good. And amazingly, when the honey is added, it’s suddenly not too hot.

I can see why Haitians like mamba. Now excuse me while I go and spread some on a few more crackers





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