pre-pitted prunes, eh?

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Every November for several years, my sister and I have spent a day in November making Ví­narterta. (Of course, it doesn’t really take a whole day to make the cake… but we neeeeed to play Scrabble too.)

Past experience has taught us that extra care must be taken when making the filling. The recipe is filled with cautionary notes: stir constantly; don’t forget the vanilla; cut each prune to check for pits. This year, as we closed up the recipe, we added quartered beside the recipe entry for prunes….

Because even though each prune had been cut in half, we still heard that unmistakable rattle of pit when we began to puree the prunes. And so began of the painstaking search for stray prune pit(s).

searching for prune pits The only sure way to search for stray prune pit(s) is by hand. (It is not recommended to use one’s feet.) Alas, finding a pit doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t more. In the end, we located one pit and a few shards.

Sadly, the prune pit(s) search was not the last of our problems. I don’t know why but we seem to have difficulty remembering to add the vanilla.

add vanilla I’m afraid this is not the first time that we’ve had to scrape filling off of the cake, put it back into the pot and add the vanilla!!

Happily, that was the end of our woes (we managed not to burn any of the layers). And at last the Ví­narterta was ready for wrapping and storing. Please don’t tell anyone that the bottom layer doesn’t have any vanilla in it.

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I contemplated adding this as a post for Susan’s (Food Blogga) Eat Christmas Cookies Event but then decided that cake doesn’t really fall into the same category at all as cookies.
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