Rats! sour wild bread again!

I was SO sure that I’d resolved my sour wild bread problem!! It WASN’T sour last time….

I made wild bread again yesterday. And I thought everything was going along exactly as before. The starter smelled sweet. The dough smelled sweet. It rose beautifully and there were beautiful big holes in the crumb. And yet the resulting bread had a distinctly sour smell and flavour (sorry no photos, I was too dejected to get the camera).

Well, it wasn’t horribly sour. Here’s how the conversation went last night at dinner:

me: (worried) It rose nicely but it’s not quite as light-weight this time.

T: It looks beautiful.

me: (dejected) It smells sour.

T: It smells a bit sour but it’s beautiful. Look at those holes!

me: (whimpering) It smells sour.

T: It smells a bit sour. But it tastes great! It’s not nearly as sour as it was and the texture is perfect. Taste it!

me: (glumly) Well, it doesn’t taste as sour as it smells….

I think it might be a temperature thing. I didn’t use warm water when mixing the dough and the kitchen was still cool enough that I had to put the dough in the oven (with only the light turned on) when it was rising.

In fact, the bread went quite well with lentil soup and various cheeses. Silly me! I SHOULD have taken a photo of the yellow lentil soup at least. It was fabulous.

But I’m not quite certain what step to take next to ensure that the bread will not be sour. Maybe the section on sourness of starters in The Bread Bible will shed some light.


Eeek!!! Might I have to follow Susan’s (Wild Yeast) advice to weigh the ingredients? :stomp:


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