savoury fantans are good too

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For some bizarre reason, it didn’t occur to me until a couple of days ago that fantans would be great as garlic bread!

Fantans Now why is this fantan sticking its tongue out?? Does it not like garlic? Or is it saying “nyah nyah… see? the layers stayed intact!”?

Instead of using the BBB fantan dough recipe that called for a starter and also contained sugar and egg, I decided to roughly follow our naan recipe – replacing the butter with olive oil and adding a small amount of ground flax seed.

Then I thinly sliced 3 cloves of garlic and put them into the butter as it melted and slathered it all over the rolled out dough.

I thought I was using LOTS of garlic. I really did.

Fantans I actually read (and retained for a few moments) the Joy of Cooking instructions for shaping fantans. They’re right! Dental floss (unwaxed and unflavoured…) is the perfect thing for cutting through the sloppy layers.

The dough was on the slack side and layers stuck together fast when I put them into the buttered containers. There was no way to fan them out. Next time, rather than melting the butter first, I will slather soft butter on the dough. It will be WAY easier. When these rolls were ready to bake, it appeared that the layers had stuck together fast.

I was thrilled to see that the rolls fanned out all on their own in the oven.

The wonderful smells of roasted garlic and freshly baked bread filled the house. And we immediately tucked into hot garlicky buttery rolls with big bowls of life-giving steaming lentil soup.

It was the perfect dinner to have on a cold dark winter night.

But next time, remind me to use more butter and garlic in the rolls. :whee:

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  • I think garlic fantans sound like an excellent idea!!! I bet they were delicious and I will be making these in the very near future… Best, Sandie

    They were, Sandie; they were! They were so delicious that I made them again a couple of nights later. -Elizabeth