say it with brownies!!

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brownies Thursday before last, the harddrive on my computer died. It was oh so sad. Not really unexpected and yet, it still managed to take me by surprise. A new hard drive was installed early last week and I’m STILL re-installing programs and pulling in whatever I did have backed up. I suppose one could say that not a tremendous amount of important things was lost – just some family photos, email, email addresses, bookmarks… (*cough* …have YOU backed up your files lately?)

And so last Tuesday, for consolation (actually, it was because of a special request from my Valentine), I made Brownies Cockaigne from The Joy of Cooking. It’s by far the best brownie recipe I’ve come across. I gather the secret is in using room temperature ingredients. The second secret is in slathering on too much chocolate icing.

Instead of the cup of chopped nuts called for in the recipe, I added ½ c of Thompson raisins. And I have to say, raisins in brownies ARE better than the pecans I used to put into brownies! Raisins get wonderfully chewy when they’re baked.

who do they think they're fooling?? There is only one error on the brownie recipe. They are quite wrong about the number of brownies it produces. But other than that, it is stellar. Really, I can’t understand why anyone bothers with cake when brownies are SO much better.

hearts Happy Valentine’s Day!


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