Serena’s Secret Revealed (EoMEoTE#16)

EoMEoTE#16 – The Da Clucki Code

(click on image for clearer view of Serena’s secret)
Serena's secret As everyone now knows after reading (or watching the movie based on) Dan Brown’s novel, “The DaVinci Code”, the mystery woman who posed for Leonardo’s famous painting was Serena Sorriso, the wife of the Count Maximus Sorriso. Further research into the painting (using carefully aimed infrared lights) show that she is holding a slip of paper in her hands. The note reads:

Att’n John Donne: re eleventh: switched gourmet guides today … baffled?? the wretched cad (two-bit loafer!) tipped down food.

which clearly divulges the reason for Serena’s smile.

(click on image for clearer view of Serena’s secret)
Serena's secret Of further interest is that during the examination of the painting, it was found that there was another draught painted below the note. It can only be surmised that Leonardo decided it may compromise Serena to reveal so blatantly her roulette-playing attitude towards her heart and arteries.

I found out in the nick of time about the ever-devious Jeanne’s (Cook sister!) EoMEoTE#16. And deadline? There’s an actual deadline now?!!

Luckily, even though I’m not allowed to play games, I could disguise the time for this post as historical research.

edit @ 10:05 EDT: Ha ha! After all my rush to get this done in time for the 4th, I see that it isn’t a real deadline after all. This is an excerpt from Jeanne’s guidelines for EoMEoTE#16

It’s silly to talk about “deadline” and EoMEoTE in the same sentence, so let’s just say this is a guideline – try and have your post up by next weekend (4 June)

Read more about EoMEoTE#16.


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