Sing a Joyful Song!

tortellinisummary: homemade tortellini; spring has sprung; the garden sage survived the dreadful winter; Ontario asparagus is in season!

Last week at the Farmers’ Market, we got a nice bunch of nettles and had the most brilliant nettle stuffed tortellini. The tortellini tasted fabulous AND they were beautiful! You’ll have to take my word for it because there is no photographic evidence.

Then a few days later, we were rifling through the freezer and came across some butternut squash from last fall (thank you again, Josephine!)

We could make tortellini again!

The garden sage is doing brilliantly now that spring has finally sprung so we decided we neeeeeeeeded to have homemade squash tortellini in cream sauce, garnished with fried ham and fresh sage.

Look!! They’re Singing!!


We served the tortellini with steamed-to-perfection Ontario asparagus.


Isn’t spring great?!

edit 17 June 2015: We got some stunningly beautiful beets with lovely greens at the farmers’ market and last night, we made the most wonderful tortellini stuffing with beetgreens, creamy goat-cheese and a garlic scape from our garden. After shaping, as the tortellini rested in the fridge, the red from the stems of the greens bled through, creating the most beautiful colour (did we take a picture? Are you mad? We were busy…). :-) :-)


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