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BBB Wonder Toastsummary: early announcement for the April 2018 BBB recipe; dottiness; Kusama’s Infinity Mirrors; Toasting;

We recently went to Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit at the AGO in Toronto. At the end of the exhibit, just before entering the Obliteration Room, we were handed a card with dots.

Kusama Obliteration Room (CBC News)

By the time we were at the exhibit, there were WAY more dots covering everything in the room….

But, all those polka dots inspired me! I just happen to be this month’s host for the BBBabes. To celebrate the coming of spring at last, I decided I couldn’t wait until the middle of the month to announce this month’s BBB project.

It’s so easy and fun that everyone will want to join!

So, without further ado, I give you BBB Wonder Toast.

So. What do you think??? Are you in?*

BBB Wonder Toast

serves 4


  • 8 slices Classic White WonderBread
  • butter, softened
  • jam or jelly, optional


  • Toaster
  • Warming oven
  • Knife
  • Fork, optional


  1. Warm 4 plates, then remove 8 slices of bread from the polka-dot bag and toast them two at a time. Put already toasted slices into a slow oven to keep warm.
  2. Place 2 slices of toast on each plate. Use the knife to butter the toast (make sure that the butter isn’t hard, but if it is, remember what Grandpa always said, “It’s harder where there’s none”). Cut in half, if you want. Serve immediately, offering jam or jelly (you choose the flavour!) on the side.


:: toaster: If you are camping and don’t have electricity, you can hold a long-handled fork over your campfire to toast the bread

:: why white bread? Because the dots look so pretty on the bag….


Wonder Bread

Wonder Toast
Bread Baking Babes

My dad always said it was important to establish blame. Blame the other BBBabes for allowing me to choose the recipe for April 2018’s Bread Baking Babes’ project.

For complete details about this month’s recipe, the BBB and how to become a BBBuddy, please read:

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* You did take note of the date? If not, please place cursor between the arrows.

Okay I know this is lame, but… ha ha… April fool!


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8 responses to “Sneak Peek at BBB recipe for April 2018

  1. Patricia

    I tried to follow the recipe but it was too hard. I wasn’t sure if I should cut the bread in half in triangles or rectangles because the recipe didn’t say.

    1. Elizabeth

      Thanks for pointing that out, Patricia. I clearly hadn’t thought it out properly. I should have said trapezoids – because you can’t really cut the bread into triangles OR rectangles.

    2. JamieS

      Gosh, cutting bread into squares or triangles is such an intimately personal decision! Maybe it is better that she explain the difference, including an explanation of which kind of person does each, then leave it up to each Babe to “adapt” the recipe….

      1. Elizabeth

        Hmmm. That’s a good point, Jamie. But I don’t know…. I’m thinking everything really should be spelled out in this one. There’s already so much room for variation with the jam or jelly or no jam or jelly at all. I hate the idea of one of the really renegade BBBabes (apparently there is at least one who flagrantly disregards recipe instructions) suddenly deciding to replace the bread with some sort of complicated homemade stuff that is full of grains and seeds.

  2. Barbara M

    Are you supposed to put the jam or jelly on in dots? How perfect do the circles of jam/jelly have to be? What is the minimum number of colours of jam/jelly?

      1. Barbara M

        For #3, didn’t you mean “Just some”? (Our mother used to drive us crazy with that answer to say “how much salt should I put in?”.)

        1. Elizabeth

          “Just some” would work as well. But I was just cutting to the chase by anticipating the question “How much is some?” and simply saying “enough” – although, I really should have said, “I don’t know… just put in enough”, shouldn’t I?


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