spaghettini with peppers

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red peppers Our vegetable store often has red, yellow and orange peppers on sale in packages of 4 for $1.00. Each pepper may have a small flaw but is otherwise in perfectly good condition.

We discovered them this summer; they’re great on the barbecue. A couple of weeks ago, I just couldn’t resist getting some more. They looked beautiful – as if they didn’t even have any flaws at all.

Here’s how the conversation went:

T: What are all those peppers for?

me: For eating? They look good!

T: I don’t want them…

me: Yes you do. I thought we could have them sliced and fried as a side.

T: Fried?! Eewwwww!! Peppers are okay on the barbecue but otherwise…. I don’t want them…

me: Yes, you do! They’ll be great.

T: (begrudgingly) Okaayyy…

Spaghettini with Peppers and Sausage

spaghettini with red peppers and sausage And so, the miracle worker T sliced the peppers. And as he worked, he decided to add some dried red cayenne peppers, onions, parsley, and sausage to make a pasta sauce. A great pasta sauce. A pasta sauce that has now become one of our staples.

spaghettini with red peppers and sausage The pasta sauce is really good on its own but it’s also delicious garnished with grated Swiss cheese.

T: Let’s go get more peppers!