still hunting for the elusive wild yeast…

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wild yeast hunt I decided take Susan’s advice and come out from under the bed to see if I could get my culture to become a starter.

I took it out of the fridge on Monday morning and have been diligently feeding it twice a day since then. And maybe, just maybe, it’s going to work. There were significant bubbles on Tuesday evening.

Then, a few less bubbles but still very active on Wednesday morning, as you can see from the photo above. (Here is a closer view of Wednesday morning.)

wild yeast hunt And on Thursday morning, even more bubbles appeared. (Here is a closer view of Thursday morning.)

But last night and this morning, the bubbles are not increasing. (Last night’s photos are still in the camera) Today the culture – because it appears to still be a culture, rather than a starter – is much more elastic and smells slightly less like yoghurt. But the smell is still quite lovely and sweet – just a bit more neutral.

It’s my suspicion that the kitchen is STILL too cool. Don’t get me wrong. The weather has been fabulous. All week, it’s been sunny and not more than 25C during the day and dropping down to around 16C at night. Of course, our windows are open so the house retains the night coolness.

I must say that I do feel just a little foolish as I enter day 12 (or is it 13??) of my hunt for wild yeast. However, I can’t stop now! But… I wonder how much longer this is going to take….


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