still waiting for warmer weather…

summary: brief review of ‘Piano Piano Pieno’ by Susan McKenna Grant

Rumor has it that it’s spring and that warm weather is just around the corner. I would like that. Yes indeed.

And my reason isn’t just so that I won’t have to wear several layers in a vain attempt to get warm. It’s because I want to try making a natural levain.

Yes, I’m crazy. Suddenly I have the urge to try capturing wild yeast.

I got the bug from reading the wonderful book Piano Piano Pieno by Susan McKenna Grant. She says it’s possible to create a natural levain in the winter but that it is much easier in the summer.

In fact there are several recipes I’d like to try. And I’ve only just finished reading the chapter on bread!

I plan to try McKenna’s version of focaccia very soon. The procedure is markedly different from our focaccia (which we adore); her recipe calls for a couple of hours rising time after the bread has been shaped!!

So far, I’ve only tasted one thing made from a recipe in her book – a fabulous wholewheat bread laced with black olives served at a friends’ house. And that wonderful bread is the reason that I raced to the library to get a copy of the book. But I’m pretty sure I want my own copy!!

Take a look at the wonderful pictures of a meal prepared at McKenna’s farm on Debbie’s Blatherings.

edit: more information about La Petraia is here: