strawberry lassi

summary: summer heat; strawberry lassis; (click on image to see larger view and more photos)

lassi Hot… it’s hot outside. It’s almost as hot inside….

My desk thermometer says 29.6C.

I’m NOT complaining (very much). I love that it’s summer. I love NOT having to put on sweater, scarf, face scarf, hat, muffler, woolly socks, boots, mittens before trudging out to walk my bike to the road because it’s too icy in the lane to ride. I love waltzing over to the park a couple of blocks away to see what the farmers have brought this time. I love waltzing a little further to the little shops on our high street that are selling all kinds of beautiful Ontario (and foreign) fruits and vegetables.

We’re just finishing strawberry season here. In our neighbourhood, Ontario strawberries have been priced at a dollar more than the equivalent number of California strawberries. The Ontario strawberries SMELL like strawberries. The California strawberries only LOOK like strawberries. There isn’t even a hint of strawberry aroma coming from them. (I certainly hope that Californians get strawberries that have ripened in the fields rather than in the trucks as they’re shipped. It’s just tragic that people get duped into buying those ersatz red things posing as fresh fruit.

And it’s disgraceful that it costs the consumer more to buy berries that have travelled a fraction of the distance.

lassi But we’re worth the extra dollar for the real strawberries. Luscious beautiful red strawberries. Strawberries galore. This is the second batch of strawberries that we bought as soon as strawberries came into season.

In the past couple of weeks, we have been going crazy with strawberries. We’ve had so many strawberries that we’re almost (but not quite) tired of strawberries – there’s been strawberry short cake, strawberry sauce for ice cream, strawberries in Sangria, fresh strawberries with granola for breakfast.

And strawberry lassis. Because it’s lassi season! There’s nothing more refreshing.

Hmmmm, is it time for another lassi?



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