Swiss Chard (ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday)

ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday* – Swiss chard

Okay, okay, so it’s Wednesday!! I fully intended to post about this yesterday but decided to join the “Save the Internet” protest instead. (read more here)

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Swiss chard Yesterday afternoon, we went to get a leafy green for last night’s dinner and saw this beautiful looking red Swiss chard. Well, we had to try it!

After washing it, we tasted a little of the raw stem – light, crispy with a taste reminiscent of unsour rhubarb and beets. The beet flavour became more predominant after it was cooked (Indian style – in the same way as we make aloo methi).

click on image for more photos of Swiss chard
aloo saag made with Swiss chard The beautiful red colour virtually disappeared. In fact it became almost black. So much so that it looked rather unappetizing. I just couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of it on the plate – even though, in the end, it really wasn’t that horrifying at all.

In fact, it was delicious with our Bengali fish curry, rice, coriander leaf and a bit of lime pickle. And we knew that it was very good for us too!! But it didn’t taste like it was very good for us; (if you know what I mean) it tasted great.

* What’s ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday?
To help her in her effort to eat healthily, Cate (Things you Need to Know) came up with the idea for food bloggers to make something that includes an ARF (Antioxidant Rich Food), fruit, veggie or any combination of the three to be posted on her site on Tuesdays.

Read more about ARF/5-A-Day Tuesday:


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