This year, we are the Smugs! (Cake Day)

summary: I love Cake Day; annual vinarterta making; disaster averted (not again!?!) (click on image to see photos taken on previous Cake Days)

making vinarterta Ha!! We are the Smugs this year! Yesterday, my vinarterta-making-sister and I squeaked in under the wire and made our cake BEFORE our fruitcake-making-sister. Nyah nyah!

We won the game…
Ha Ha!
We won the game…
Ha Ha!
We won the game…
We won the game…
Weeeee won the game!
-me, song composed sometime in the 1960s after the first time I actually won a game played with my sister

That’s right, our Vínarterta is made.

Naturally, we didn’t take photos.

And, once again, we made a few slight changes. All were on purpose. We almost (and when I say “we”, I mean “me”…) made a big mistake.

We always flip a coin to decide who will make the cakes and who will make the filling. This year, I was making the filling.

don't forget the vanilla All the time that I was chopping each “pitted” prune in quarters to locate any stray pits (I didn’t find any), and boiling the prunes, and processing the cooked prunes, and adding the sugar, and stirring stirring, stirring so they wouldn’t burn, I had a chorus going in my head:

Don't forget the vanilla, STUPID!!!

And I even smirked triumphantly as I stirred the vanilla in. But something didn’t smell quite right…

Yup. I forgot to put in the cinnamon.

Luckily, we hadn’t started putting the layers together yet. So I added the cinnamon, threw in a bit more water and cooked the prunes again until they were the right consistency.

But that’s not the only thing we did differently. This year, we made two cakes. Okay, I know. We always make two cakes. But we usually make two cakes that are exactly the same.

This year, one cake was made with ground almonds instead of almond extract. The other cake was made with Mum’s original recipe, ie: using {ewwwwww} almond extract. Because there were complaints.

People longed for the cake to taste EXACTLY the way it used to taste.

Of course, they’re wrong and I feel certain that they will beg us to never make the almond extract version again. Because it stinks. Big time.

There’s still plenty of time to make Vinarterta! Happy cake making!