we were craving rice

summary: how we make “Spanish rice

After we came back from our recent trip, I realized that I had missed out on participating in a new event for me, From My Rasoi. I had really been looking forward to it because the theme for FMR#6 was For the Love of Rice, which is right up our alley!

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Spanish rice But more to the point, we realized that we hadn’t eaten rice for over a week! This is really out of the ordinary for us. And it had to be remedied.

We could have chosen any one of the wonderful looking dishes in the FMR#6 (hosted by Paz, Cooking Adventures of Chef Paz) round up. (Read Paz’ round up of FMR#6. There are a number of fabulous looking rice dishes.) But after being away, as wonderful as it is to visit, it’s nice to be comforted with familiar things. We chose one of our favourites: Spanish rice.

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chicken, asparagus, Spanish rice And so we happily dined on what we have always called Spanish rice (it probably has nothing to do with Spain), barbecued chicken and Ontario asparagus drizzled with butter and lemon juice.

Nothing earthshattering here in terms of preparation. The chicken was rubbed with salt, pepper and thyme before being barbecued. The asparagus was steamed just enough so it was still firm.

How we make Spanish Rice:

The most complex dish was the rice. And it’s hardly that complex. It’s made with long grain Thai rice. While the rice was cooking, onions, tomato and a bit of sausage were sauteed. Once the rice was done, the onion mixture was mixed (along with cocktail olives and capers) into the hot rice.

The garden is absolutely lush with herbs but I cut only a few sprigs of thyme to garnish our simple dinner. Simple… yes. Simply delicious… decidedly.

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