We’re prepared! We have garlic…

summary: Hallowe’en Haiku; spaghettini with garlic and sage; barrel cheese grater is terrific; garden garlic is hot and potent; information about UNICEF: please remember that even though the children no longer carry UNICEF boxes, donations are still welcome.

jackolantern in rain ©ejm2006 gif cue sound effects
We’re ready for all those vampires and ghouls!
Just enough garlic
to ward off this year’s vampires…;
it’s time to plant more.

spaghettini with garlic


This year was a banner year for garlic in our mostly shady garden. (The sage fared well too!) I was so pleased with the garlic that yesterday, I planted more than ever. And, yes. I planted “Music” garlic again. How could I not?


After all, who knows how many vampires will appear next year? And. Even if they don’t, we’ll still get to have the best spaghettini with garlic and sage.

We love to feature the garden garlic and sage in spaghettini with garlic sage and grated cheese. Not long ago, we decided we needed one of those barrel graters for nuts and cheese. We bought it for walnuts but were surprised to discover that it really is fabulous for grating cheese. Who knew?!

October 31: National UNICEF Day

I still find myself looking for UNICEF boxes when the costumed children come racing up the steps calling out “Trick or Treat!”. But, of course, that doesn’t mean that UNICEF and Hallowe’en no longer go together. Canadian school children (and their parents and teachers) can still help to build a better future for children.

UNICEF Canada and the Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign is bringing hope for the future by supporting the Schools for Africa programme in two specific countries: Malawi and Rwanda. Together with our global partners, UNICEF’s Schools for Africa programme aims to enable one million children in Malawi and Rwanda to go to school.

Please read about how to donate to UNICEF:



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