What are your plans for Boxing Day?

summary: Giving and receiving; Boxing Day?? What’s that?

puzzle © ejm2010 For me, Boxing Day has always been a day of relaxing and loafing. Depending on the weather, after lounging over breakfast, we go for a leisurely walk or bike ride in the afternoon.

Boxing Day dinner is ALWAYS leftovers from Christmas Eve and Day. We often think that Boxing Day dinner is the best dinner of the year. I love sandwiches made with dressing, leafy salad mixture and cranberry confit or cranberry sauce. With some potato chips right inside the sandwich for crunch! And potatoes and gravy in a little dish. And orange fennel salad in another little dish on the side. And a little plate of cookies, just in case there weren’t quite enough sandwiches.

There’s really nothing so wonderful, the tastes of all the wonders from the evenings before mixed with recollections of conversations and laughter from all the Christmasses and Boxing Days past.

One of the things we NEVER do on Boxing Day is to go shopping for bargains. Eww. Who wants to do that?? (Clearly, lots of people do).

What a shame that Boxing Day has been turned into a feeding frenzy of shopping for reduced price goods – stores selling off their Christmas stock. But how did this come about? From what I understand, that’s not exactly why Boxing Day came into being.

Before the days of Malls and mass-shopping, those who were more fortunate boxed up things for the poor and needy and gave them out on the day after Christmas.

Rather than heading to the mall at 6:00 am to stand in line for an opportunity to purchase half-price electronics, how about if we change our plans and do a little virtual boxing up of things. Change your plans and donate what you otherwise might have spent on electronics and chatchkas, using the money to help feed the truly hungry.

And as you are stocking your kitchen for Christmas feasts and getting hostess gifts for end-of-year parties, please remember to get an extra gift for those in real need. Even though you might be feeling overwhelmed. Imagine how overwhelming it would be if you had nothing.

Please help feed the hungry.

There are many reputable aid agencies working to help feed the chronically hungry worldwide. Here are just a few of them to help you to help others. Please look in your community for others.


(If you have something to add or say about stopping world hunger, please remember to post your thoughts and ideas on your blog, facebook, at work, etc. etc.)

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3 responses to “What are your plans for Boxing Day?

  1. Lisa@ButteryBooks

    Thanks for all the great resources for fighting hunger, especially BloggerAid (I had not heard of this before). My Boxing Day is being spent also eating leftovers, watching the snow falling outside (quite a site in coastal North Carolina), playing with the kids and catching up on reading.

  2. CAM

    Thanks for this blog entry! We also need to support our local food banks, not only with tins but with regular cash donations. I also like the idea of supporting the policy changes that would reduce the need for food banks. See what food banks across Canada suggest: http://www.cafb-acba.ca/main2.cfm?id=10718677-B6A7-8AA0-6339EDF590F6155D

    We, too, spent our Boxing Day sitting around with family and eating leftovers.


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