What has happened to the baking aisle at the supermarket?

summary: what’s up with the yeast and flour?; (click on image to see larger view)

ingredients I’ve been a bit in the doldrums with bread making and blogging lately. But since being invited to become a BBBabe, I suddenly have a new lease on life. Thank you BBBabes!!

I’m really excited about trying new recipes – wait til you see the loaf I made last night!! (We’ll be having it tonight with PEI mussels, a big Romaine salad and chilled rosé. What could be better for a hot summer night?)

And so, with this new lease, even though we buy our flour in 10 kg bags (or at least we DID…), our stash is quickly dwindling.

Whine alert:

Flour: Well. Here I am ranting about flour yet again. But not about rye flour this time. This time, I’m ranting about unbleached all-purpose flour suddenly disappearing from the shelves.

Not ALL the unbleached all-purpose flour. Just the 10kg bags….

I feel like all I do is complain. First the rye flour; then it was the whole wheat “best for bread” flour; now it’s the unbleached all-purpose.

I can no longer get the kind of No-Name unbleached all-purpose flour in 10k bags I’ve been buying for over ten years. They’ve suddenly switched to 5kg bags only. AND upped the price at the same time – 10kg bag WAS $8-$9; 5kg bag is $7. Aren’t they clever?

I’m starting to think No-Name must have been purchased by Smucker Foods too. Since the Smucks bought the Canadian flour companies “Five Roses” AND “Robin Hood” but kept the label, they’ve already eliminated the “best for bread” whole wheat flour, as well as the “dark rye” flour entirely. Apparently, we don’t want those flours anymore.

At this point, I simply refuse to buy “Bob’s Red Mill” or order from King Arthur. Not that I have anything against US companies!! If I lived in US, I’d happily buy US flour. But why on earth should I have to pay the shipping and duty for goods crossing our “free trade” border?

Yeast: While I was in the baking aisle, I looked at the shelves to see “active dry”, “instant – bread machines”, “instant – quick rise”, and [get ready for this…] “instant – pizza crust yeast”. What?!!

Imagine the poor dupes who think they have to buy special yeast for making pizza!

And what kind of pizza will it be?? Take a look at what is on the promo page:

To make homemade pizza dough, simply add water, salt and flour to Fleischmann’s Pizza Crust Yeast, mix and knead. There is no rise after kneading like other yeasts. You just need to roll or press out the dough to make the pizza crust. -Fleischmanns: pizzacrustyeast.com/new_pizza_yeast.html

Can you see me rolling my eyes?

At least we’ve found sea salt again…. :lalala:


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One response to “What has happened to the baking aisle at the supermarket?

  1. Elle

    Fortunately we have King Arthur flour in the grocery stores, but I still seem to spend way too much mail ordering stuff from them. I get their catalog and have a grand time picking out all the stuff i want…then doing the actual and much smaller order. I think my favorite thing is their ancient grains flour mixture. Since it is not something one can usually find elsewhere it doesn’t seem so spendthrift to buy it online. Hopefully all the great and amazing Canadian bakers will protest and get some of those flours back!

    I’m not holding out much hope for the Canadian bakers, Elle. It has been over two years that the rye flour disappeared from the supermarket shelves. We CAN get flours from the bulk store but they are markedly more expensive. -Elizabeth (The KA ancient grains flour mixture sounds intriguing. I’ve been mean to try adding spelt. I WAS going to try quinoa but the really really high price stopped me from buying any.) -Elizabeth

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