what to do with left over cornbread

summary: use leftover bread to make stovetop stuffing for roast chicken; click on image to see larger view of stovetop cornbread dressing

stovetop cornbread dressing And speaking of left-overs, last weekend, we had some left over cornbread (read more about cornbread here) that just shrieked for being made into a dressing for roast chicken.

There wasn’t quite enough left but luckily, we had a stash in the freezer of heels and ends of other breads that I’ve made. There was some sandwich and two kinds of French-style breads.

T cubed all of them up to make the most wonderful stove-top dressing. Now, we could have just roasted the chicken empty and had the dressing from the pan. But we decided that it would be even better if we stuffed it into the bird before roasting.

What a great decision!! We served it with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and gravy. Of course there was gravy. Gravy with just a little dark chocolate added to it. And we had dessert too!! T made a pecan pie….

The dinner was brilliant.