what to do with left over kale chips

summary: kale quiche; more magnetic poetry for spring: RePoWriMo; today’s poem; (click on image for larger view)

quiche The kale chips were novel. But once the novelty wore off, we were very quickly tired of them on their own. They were just a little too much like vegetables.

Don’t get me wrong. I love vegetables! But in their place.

We used the left-overs in a quiche, along with some caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese. Now THAT’S the right place for kale!

Of course, you do realize that this flurry of posting activity is only so I can continue to play with our Magnetic Poetry box.

magnetic poetryRePoWriMo 2011


As I’m sure everyone knows, April is National Poetry Month, and November is National Novel Writing Month. Both are simply awesome.

So I am officially combining both ideas and announcing that April is herefore Refrigerator Poetry Writing Month.

What is that, you ask? Simple. Here are the rules.

  1. Create a poem every day during April, using only refrigerator poetry magnets.
  2. Multiple boxes of refrigerator poetry magnets about any and all themes and in multiple languages are perfectly acceptable.
  3. No line limit. Go as short or as long as the muse requires.
  4. All types of poetry and subject matter are acceptable: free verse, sonnets, pantoums, you name it.
  5. All work MUST BE ORIGINAL. This is a biggie. If it didn’t spring, Athena-like, from your very own brain, it does not count.

-Rhino Writer, RePoWriMo, “RePoWha?” Thursday, March 6, 2008

I do love magnetic poetry (even though I haven’t been able to manage a poem a day. Post every day? Me???? Don’t make me laugh). And judging from your participation, it seems you love magnetic poetry too.

Here are your tiles for round 5 in alphabetical order (I was going to fish some out of the French box too but I can’t find it!! I had it just a couple of days ago… where IS it??):

an and blow chair like
live milk most next picture
rock s shadow shine tiny
urge use woman y yet

For how to play OUR version, please see the Magnetic Poetry Rules. For more information about RePoWriMo, please read the following:


Once again, you will want to compose your poem before seeing what I did. Here is my poem from the words listed above.

2 responses to “what to do with left over kale chips

  1. Rhino Writer

    Thank goodness you didn’t include the French tiles! Maybe they can be bonus points for the nervous among us?

    woman urges chair use yet picture blows

    tiny rock like most shadow
    yet milkshiney and live

    I am suffering from not being able to add “s” as much as I want. Your poems are great. The second one is funny as an order or life suggestion — “live, woman! use chair!”

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