what to eat with ensaimadas

summary: brown lentils and smoked sausage are perfect with ensaimadas; wordpress is exploding – be careful what you ask for!! (click on image for larger view and more photos)

ensaimadas and brown lentils
UNblackened ensaimadas with lentils and home-made smoked sausage are as fabulous as expected. Yes, ensaimadas got a huge thumbs-up from T, who said they were a combination of the best characteristcs of Parker House rolls and croissants.

He’s right!!

The brown lentils were phenomenally good. (I know it’s probably gauche to say so but I think I like brown lentils even more than Puy Lentils.)

ensaimadas and brown lentils We had some watercress in the fridge and decided to serve it simply with a blue cheese mayonnaise dressing.

The sausages were homemade and SMOKED!! Yes, there was a small window last week when it was above freezing for two or three days. This was enough time for the snow around the barbecue to melt. We were absolutely thrilled to be able to use the barbecue again. (I’ll post more about exactly what T did to make the sausages soon!)

Did I mention that dinner was delicious?

(Yes, Katie. Before you ask, we filled our glasses with an inexpensive but delicious Italian red, Casal Thaulero Sangiovese.)

meat grinder A few months ago, we received this wonderful meat grinder in the mail from T’s parents’ house. It is from the 1950s and apparently (according to the kitchen supply store downtown) is far superior to similar meat grinders being made today. (We got the sausage attachment in Chinatown.)


Ohoh… Be careful what you wish for!! I recently asked to have PHP5 and now wordpress is going crazy. Eeeeek!!!