when to bake bread

summary: advantages of baking Rose Levy Beranbaum’s caraway rye bread early in the morning; (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

ryebread Once again, I put the shaped bread (caraway rye bread from Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Bread Bible) into the fridge overnight and baked it very early the next morning when the outside (and inside) temperatures were much cooler. Leaving most of the lights turned off adds to the mystique (not so good for picture taking though).

I must say that I’m beginning to see the attraction of getting up ridiculously early (I think that 6:00 is ridiculously early anyway) to bake bread in order to have the oven on and off before it gets too hot outside.

It’s so quiet! I love being able to hear the clock ticking and birds singing.

And the aroma!!

Shh…! Listen!!!

Did I hear someone whisper “Reuben sandwich”??



One response to “when to bake bread

  1. MC

    Lovely breads. I bet the flavor was fantastic. Are they already gone or can we hope for a pic of the Reuben sandwich?

    edit 22 August 2010: Thank you. And yes, it is fantastic, MC, it is!! I’m afraid we were too busy eating the sandwiches and didn’t even think to get the camera. But they looked quite similar to these earlier quasi-Reuben sandwiches we made in 2007. -ejm

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