Whoohoo!!! Look what I got!

summary: I got a present – a fabulous present!!; (click on image to see larger view)

Last night at dinner, T gave me a huge package to open. WOW!!!

SuperPeel I’m so excited! I can’t wait to try this out for real!

So far I’ve only picked up and put down placemats and teatowels and the SuperPeel is even better than I thought!! I wonder if it might not be considered as essential equipment….

Excuse me while I go down to the kitchen to make the preferments for baguettes so I can try it out on actual dough.

This peel is really amazing. Take a look at it in action:


3 responses to “Whoohoo!!! Look what I got!

  1. tph

    What really sold me was this video of making pizza on a Super Peel .

    Yup, it was seeing the videos that made me really want one of these peels. And that “Pizza Moving Made Simple!” really is amazing. (All the superpeel.com videos can be accessed from here: http://www.superpeel.com/videos.html) And the cool thing is that the peel really does work! -ejm (No, I do not have shares in SuperPeel… I wish!)

  2. barbara

    Cool! I liked watching the lattice piecrust video.

    Is it easy to get the cloth part off?

    Yes, Barbara, it’s very easy to get the cloth part off (and relatively easy to put it back on). I too was amazed by the lattice piecrust video and HAD to try it! I must confess I wasn’t quite as successful as the person on the video but I think it’s because my lattice was rather lacy in comparison. I’ll try to remember to take a photo of the pie before it’s completely devoured. I think it looks beautiful (others were less complimentary, even resorting to guffaws and hysterical laughter). -Elizabeth

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