Why wait for spring?

capturing wild yeast: part 1

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On Sunday, shortly after I posted that I was going to wait until summer to make a natural starter from Piano Piano Pieno, one of my friends announced that she was on day one of her PPP levain.natural starter - day1 am (Yes, the very same friend who introduced me to this wonderful book.)

And suddenly the peer pressure was too great.

Besides, it’s never going to get warm anyway. In other words:

Why wait for spring? Do it now!

natural starter - day2 am So last night, I began my first attempt at capturing wild yeast.

The first step calls for liquid honey. Liquid honey? Now? I don’t think so. My friend suggested that I microwave the honey to liquify it.

Microwave? As if. There is no microwave here. Never will be… But happily, warm water does the trick and in no time at all the honey was completely absorbed into the mixture.

I did the first feeding this morning. No bubbles yet….

I was telling one of my colleagues about doing this and she was incredulous. “You’re going to capture yeast?? What do you do… set out little traps?:whoohoo:
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