Wild yeast hunt is on again…

I am just about to go down to the kitchen to do the last build-up step of my second attempt at capturing wild yeast. Things seem to be going well. No photographic evidence of bubbles because I’m too lazy to get the camera.

But things are going a little more smoothly now that the weather is warmer. I fully anticipate mixing my first real wild yeast bread dough tomorrow morning. I promise to have the camera on hand tomorrow.

Instead of making crackers (read more about crackers here) with the left-overs from the midday feeding, I added them to focaccia dough. Yes, indeed, we’re having focaccia again tonight.

There will be four of us for dinner so I made a double recipe and put it into two pizza pans. The dough is ridiculously slack and had to be poured onto each pan. I think it will work…. (Isn’t this ALWAYS the way when one is trying to show off for friends?)

Ummm… no photographic evidence of the glop… I’m anticipating that the end result will be brilliant and we will rave about how fabulous the bread is and that I should ALWAYS pour the dough onto the pan. :lalala:

edit 15 July 2007: The resulting bread WAS really good and a huge success. I must say don’t really want to make it that way again but it was pretty fantastic. (Oh yes, and remind me to MEASURE the barbecue before deciding to use two pizza pans. We had to bake one of the focaccias in the oven….)