Will it never rise??

summary: cold kitchen = slow rising bread dough


Why do I put myself through this time and time again?

We decided to have Puy Lentils with sausage this week. And I decided to make wild bread to go with them. I built up the yeast yesterday. And this morning, it wasn’t wildly foaming so I added a little commercial yeast to the mix.

And waited for it to rise. And waited. And waited.

There are bubbles so it’s not dead.

Against the recommendation of the resident expert, I just shaped it. And am waiting for it to rise….

I sure hope that I don’t have to stay up way past midnight to bake it. I hope even more that it’s not going to be yet another flat loaf.

If we hadn’t had perfectly good loaves of bread made with commercial yeast, I’d think there was something wrong with the flour.


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  • Jude

    Been having the same problems myself. Plus everything dries out much quicker because of the dry air.

  • Oh dear! I guess my kitchen would NOT be the place for bread to rise at the moment, what with the gas being turned off (a suspected leak) and there being no central heating!!

  • ejm

    I’ve been putting a tea towel and a plastic bag over the bread as it rises to stop the dough from drying out. Amazingly, the bread did finally rise and turned out pretty well. (photos still in the camera) But it was after midnight when I took it out of the oven….

    Jeanne, bread WILL rise (eventually) in a chillier kitchen. In fact some people put their bread dough in the fridge overnight to rise there. A cold rise can be better than a too warm rise too. The flavours develop more.

  • Well, let’s hear it for the slow rise!

    I agree with bread made with commercial yeast but wild yeast is already so well developed in flavour (errmmm, sour) that it doesn’t really need that mega-long rise to develop any more flavour. But still, if I had to choose, I’d go with the slow rise breads over the fast rise ones. Fast rise can be so empty tasting! -ejm