Almost Wordless Not-Wednesday: Tartine Bread Fail

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If it ain’t broke…

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lazy baker syndrome

summary: lazy baker syndrome; words to live by: if it ain’t broke…; baking in a cold combo-cooker; an almost Wordless Not-Wednesday post

We were inspired by Carol Edwards’s beautiful photo in the FB group Sourdough Bread Baking:

C. Edwards sourdough - FB Sourdough baked in a cold Dutch oven – a first for me! […] [P]roofed in banneton in fridge then turned it into cold Dutch oven when the oven was hot enough.
– Carol Edwards, FB Sourdough Bread Baking Group

After all, what could go wrong? :lalala:

After the oven had preheated, we put our nicely proofed Tartine loaf into a cold combo-cooker and… well, you can see the result above. We thought the bread would release itself at least a little bit as it cooled.


Even the next day, it was stuck fast.

lazy baker syndrome

Only after hacking at it with a spatula and pie lifter did it mostly come away. In spite of everything, at least it tasted good.

Please note that we had no inkling of the possibility of causing Lazy Baker Syndrome – the bread had not over-risen before going in the oven. Clearly, this method does not work in OUR oven.

Remind me to ALWAYS preheat the oven fully before baking bread.
– me, blog from OUR kitchen | Augh!!!, July 2009


Fool me twice, shame on me….

What do you say? In five years, shall we go for thrice??

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