Wordless B&W Not-Wednesday: Vintage Wine


That’s 28 Years!
…but not for cats

summary: Pauillac ‘Chateau Grand Puy Lacoste’ Saint Girons 1986 (grand cru); not for cats!; the grapes for this wine were just beginning to ripen in the vineyard on the day we met; experiments in sepia, black and white and colour for Black and White Wednesday (BWW) #152; Photos taken on FujiFilm S3100 digital camera. Using Irfanview, to create the black and white, I desaturated by 100% to remove the colour, then upped the contrast and added -1R, 1G and 3B. To create the sepia version, I altered the colour again by adding 20R, 5G and -10B) (click on images to see larger views)

Sepia experiment

still wonderful after all this time….
“Who, me??”
oh oh







Pauillac 1986


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