Wordless B&W Wednesday: Breakfast of Champions

Mmmmmmm… mmm… mmm… mmmmm!



summary: an experiment in sepia and b&w; Breakfast of Champions: cafe au lait, croissant, pain au chocolat and home-made apricot jam (click on image to see larger view and more photos, including the original colour version)




2 responses to “Wordless B&W Wednesday: Breakfast of Champions

  1. Susan

    Personally, I prefer the sepia for this shot. It makes the croissant, jar of jam , and swath of light on the cabinets as golden and honeyed a place as you’d like to sit and restore in. Thanks for sharing your breakfast with us, Elizabeth, for BWW.

    I do too, Susan. I like the softness the sepia tones lend. Although I’d still like a bit more contrast. -Elizabeth

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