Wordless B&W Wednesday: date bread





summary: an experiment in sepia and b&w; Aunt Shirley’s datebread; when my mother and her life-long friend Shirley were 12, they made this date bread for the first of many many times together in Aunt Shirley’s mother’s kitchen (click on image to see larger view and more photos, including the original colour version)

wordless 9/11/2011
Black and White Wednesday - A Weekly Culinary Photo Event BWW#18



Aunt Shirley's Date Bread


3 responses to “Wordless B&W Wednesday: date bread

  1. barbara

    Mmm, that looks good, especially the coloured version. I vaguely recall never wanting to eat that because it has dates in it, and I thought I didn’t like dates. I’m still not particularly fond of dates, but that date bread looks like a mind-changer.

    I’m not all that wild about dates by themselves either, Barbara, (although I’d really like to try a fresh date just once in my life) but this bread is brilliant – definitely a mind changer. -Elizabeth

  2. Will

    I was wondering about the date of that photo of the date bread. Looks like the photos in the 1950’s era Betty Crocker cook book I have. Since it is your mother’s friend Shirley’s mother’s recipe, it could be from that era. Happy WW and thanks for the visit!

    Ha!! It is just a happy coincidence, Will. I took the photo just a couple of weeks ago. -Elizabeth
    At the risk of divulging Aunt Shirley’s mother’s age (and mine :lalala:), I’m guessing that the original recipe is from the 1930s or possibly earlier.

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