Wordless B&W Wednesday: two chutneys





summary: an experiment in sepia and b&w; two kinds of chutney: sweet tomato; HOT pear (click on image to see larger view and more photos, including the original colour version)




two kinds of chutney

One response to “Wordless B&W Wednesday: two chutneys

  1. Sra

    I like the sepia better, gives it an old-world feel. And hot pear chutney sounds nice. I like those tongs-like thingy in the foreground the best, I think that gives the photo a lot of I don’t know what to call it – character, atmoshere …?

    Thank you, S. I wish that i could say the tongs had placed just there in the photo by design. But I just wanted to include them in the shot. I I like the sepia version better too. I like the softer look. And yes, the hot pear chutney is wonderful! -E

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