Almost-wordless Not-Wednesday: Commenting and Fuhl

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Over the past several months, it has been driving me crazy that a.) Facebook has usurped so much of our online discussion time and b.) malicious bots forced me to switch to using Disqus for commenting.

Because I know that not everyone wants to have to sign in to comment.

Disqus guest posting

Please note that you do NOT have to sign in to Disqus to comment here.

After choosing “Or sign up with Disqus”, look for “Id rather post as a guest” that appears at the bottom of the signup area. Check the box and proceed with your comment. edit: (thank you, Barbara) After choosing “Or sign up with Disqus”, begin typing your name in the name box. You should then see “I’d rather post as a guest”. Check the box and proceed.

Also note that “Comment Moderation” is in use. It may take a little time before your comment appears….

And just to keep vaguely on-topic (this is a food blog, after all) take a look at one of the things we did with my sister’s garlic:




3 comments about “Almost-wordless Not-Wednesday: Commenting and Fuhl

  1. barbara

    I wanted to try commenting without logging in to Disqus.

    At first, I didn’t see all the options you show. I had to
    – click in the comment box
    – click in the name box

    Then the option to post as a guest showed up.

    1. Elizabeth

      Thanks, Barbara! I’ve edited the instructions with one less step. All you have to do is click in the name box. (I logged off to double check.)

      edit: I guess I’ll have to fix the explanatory image too. :stomp: :stomp:

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