Disqus guest posting

disqus guest posting

I know that not everyone wants to have to sign in to leave a response. And I love hearing from you! I may not get a chance to reply to you directly, but I read each and every one of your responses and/or questions. Please note that your e-mail address will never be displayed or shared by me. Also note that you do NOT have to sign in to Disqus to respond.

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After choosing “Or sign up with Disqus”, begin typing your name and look for “Id rather post as a guest” that appears at the bottom of the signup area. Check the box and proceed with your comment.

Also note that “Comment Moderation” is in use. It may take a little time before your comment appears.

Of course, comments containing unsolicited advertising will be deleted as spam (which means any subsequent comments will probably be automatically relegated to the spam section and unlikely to be retrieved).