Wordless Not-Wednesday: what to do with extra bread

Mionetto Prosecco
POPPP!! . . . Fzzzzz!
Cheese Fondue and Prosecco

summary: Mionetto Prosecco DOC Treviso (beautifully dry!); cheese fondue made with cheap and cheerful Citra Trebbiano d’Abruzzo and Polish “Swiss” cheese (easily as good as real Swiss cheese); Happy New Year! (click on images to see larger views)

Please note that day-old bread is best. If you don’t have day-old bread – we didn’t – cube the bread and dry it out a little on a cookie tray in a 300F oven.

:hohoho: All the best for 2015! :hohoho:



!!! Whooohhooooo! !!!
Happy New Year!


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