Mostly-Wordless Not-Wednesday: were we supposed to burp it?

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We fed our new pet this morning
and left it unattended in the dining room.
sourdough starter
It’s rather warm today….

summary: feeding the Jane Mason natural starter; it’s warm in the house; good thing we got home when we did; cleaning up was relatively painless; an Almost-Wordless Wednesday post

Sourdough Starter

It’s not as if Jane Mason didn’t warn us, either:

[Put your starter] in a big plastic container with an airtight lid, or in a kilner jar (the kind with the rubber seal and the clip). Whatever you use, make sure it is big because your starter will continue to froth up for a day or 2 before it calms down.

-Jane Mason, All You Knead is Bread, p.95




2 responses to “Mostly-Wordless Not-Wednesday: were we supposed to burp it?

    1. Elizabeth

      Ha! You are much nicer than I am. I considered simply putting it (errmmm, scratch that, …us) out of our misery and sneaking out to the back garden in the middle of the night to bury it.

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