Mostly-Wordless Not-Wednesday: were we supposed to burp it?

dumm dmm dmm dmm DUMMMMMMMMMM

We fed our new pet this morning
and left it unattended in the dining room.
sourdough starter
It’s rather warm today….

summary: feeding the Jane Mason natural starter; it’s warm in the house; good thing we got home when we did; cleaning up was relatively painless; an Almost-Wordless Wednesday post

Sourdough Starter

It’s not as if Jane Mason didn’t warn us, either:

[Put your starter] in a big plastic container with an airtight lid, or in a kilner jar (the kind with the rubber seal and the clip). Whatever you use, make sure it is big because your starter will continue to froth up for a day or 2 before it calms down.

-Jane Mason, All You Knead is Bread, p.95




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