Wordless Wednesday: Beranbaum’s Caraway Rye revisited

rye breadrye bread
rye bread


wordless 28/07/2010


summary: caraway rye bread – perfect for Reuben sandwiches (click on images to see larger views and more photos)

4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday: Beranbaum’s Caraway Rye revisited

  1. Elle

    I love caraway in rye bread. Love the texture you achieved…perfect for a good rye.

    We do too, Elle. As for the texture, thank you. But for my taste, it’s almost TOO soft. I’m thinking that the organic rye flour (wonderful gift from my sister) I used is a little softer than the dark rye flour we usually use. The bread is pretty tasty though. And it was brilliant for faux Reuben sandwiches. -ejm

  2. Lina

    I wish I could bake bread but for some reason it just never comes out right. Yours looks delicious though!

    But even when it doesn’t turn out just right, it’s still better than most commercially made bread. (Not to mention that the house smells great!) -Elizabeth

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