yes, I know… the sidebar display is messed up

Sigh… No idea why, when or if it will be resolved. Perhaps it has something to do with the upcoming long weekend in USA.

At least the posts can be viewed….

On a happy note, our chives are thriving in the garden and this morning, T had chopped chives scattered on his poached eggs. Hmmm, maybe it’s almost time for Eggs Benedict!


edit 24 May 2009: It’s driving me crazy that this page is suddenly plagued with internal server errors. For the most part, it seems to be only affecting the sidebar display but it also seems to cause the page to not display at all if there is an attempt at commenting – there is a redirect to the internal server error page. This is quite trying, to say the least.

I have asked my webhost and it looks like it has something to do with my WordPress installation. Because I’m using the “legacy” branch of wordpress, alas, it’s up to me to fix the problem. My webhost cannot be troubleshooting their or my errors. RATS!

I’m not quite certain what I’m going to do about it: whether I’ll upgrade to the latest wordpress or whether I’ll switch to a different blogging platform like “live journal” or “movable type”.

Whether I upgrade or move the database over to another program is going to mean that I’ll have probably to use one of their generic styles until I can figure out how to customize it.

Whatever I choose to do, it’s going to take time. Time that I’d much rather spend elsewhere!

Rrrrrr. I loathe change!


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