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Hellllooooooo!! before posting messages in my phpbb forum, please read the following:

  • Anyone is able to read and post messages to my phpbb forum. Only registered users can post. Registered users can also edit and delete their own posts. Once you have registered, please ensure that you are actually logged in before trying to post any messages.

    It is a simple matter to register. All that is required is your user name and an email address. If you choose to register, you must use a legitimate email address. The primary reason is that you must be able to receive the email giving instructions on how to enable your account. The secondary reason is that if you lose your password, I have no way to retrieve it. If you want your email address to remain hidden, please go into your profile and check the "no" button for the line marked "Always show my e-mail address:". Please note that I will not publish these addresses nor will I distribute them (I loathe and despise spam). But I strongly suggest that you use a special address just for online things. If you do not yet have such an address, there are several online companies that offer free email addresses - care2.com, Yahoo!, etc. etc.
  • English is the language of preference (because that is what I speak). However, if you wish to use a different language, please start a new discussion, clearly labelling it with the language used.   sub-guideline on languages in posts

  • Occasionally, you may want to type a spoiler when posting about a movie or book. In that case, please make sure that BBcode is enabled. Type the text that you want to be hidden from general view - note that emoticons will still appear in the spoiler box. Only text will be hidden. Highlight the text to be hidden, and then hit the spoiler button that appears above the posting window (or hit "alt+r"). In the message window, you will see
    [spoiler]text to be "hidden" from view[spoiler]
    In the forum forum itself, something like the following will appear:
    Spoiler (highlight to read):
    text that is to be hidden
  • There is also an option to use coloured text. Again, make sure that BBcode is enabled. Type the text you would like to be in a different colour; highlight it. Choose your colour from the dropdown menu that appears above the message window. If you choose "white (for spoilers)" as your text colour, you can do a more labour intensive version of the spoiler. Suggested format:

    to read the spoiler text, please highlight between the dotted lines:
    [color=#ffffff]spoiler text goes here[/color]

    Only the text will be hidden; any emoticons will still appear.
  • HTML is allowed. Here are the tags that have been allowed; all others will simply be ignored.

    <a href="">link</a>
    <code>for displaying code</code>
    <ul><li>unordered list item</li></ul>
    <ol><li>ordered list item</li></ol>
    <big>large text</big>
    <small>small text</small>
    <hr> (horizontal rule)

    For images, please link to the URL of the image.
    • Please note that (unless HTML is disabled or bbcode [code] tag is used) in order to display the ampersand, lessthan and greaterthan characters (& < >) in the forum, all instances of them must be encoded.

      Instead of & type &#038; OR &amp;
      Instead of < type &#060; OR &lt;
      Instead of > type &#062; OR &gt;
    Or if HTML is enabled, you can surround & < > with <code></code>:

    & < >
  • There are a few emoticons available for use. The reason that you do not see the usual winking, grinning, smiling, rolling eyed smilies is because I can't stand them. If you would like to see more emoticons, feel free to ask. Don't be surprised at the answer.

    Other than the available emoticons, images will not be displayed within posts. The image tag has been disabled. Why? There is no facility to store your images on this server. Also, images can significantly slow down the loading time of the forum. If you would like to display images other than the emoticons, please link to the URL of the image. Here's how.
  • Whenever a link to another article is introduced in a thread, please state your thoughts about it as well as the description of the link. Otherwise, there is the temptation to simply put a list of links to other peoples' thoughts and opinions. This forum is for our discussions. Just a word of caution: We just saw the movie "Hot Fuzz" (funny) and using the phrase "What he said" isn't exactly what I mean by "state your thoughts".
  • If you would like to display ASCII-art:
    your  /\  (` /` | | __     +
         /--\ ,) \, | |    (||`|  goes here
    please use the following coding in your message:

    your &nbsp;/\&nbsp; (` /` | | __ &nbsp; &nbsp; +<br>
    &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;/--\ ,) \, | | &nbsp; &nbsp;(||`| &nbsp;goes here

    Note that every second space must be filled in with &nbsp;. I might be able eliminate that by setting a fixed width font on posts that have HTML disabled but frankly, I find huge amounts of fixed width text to be difficult to read. And let's face it. This forum is all about what I want, isn't it? >%^7^^^7^^

    If your ASCII-art uses the characters & < >, please read the note about character entities.

  • The following subjects and/or posts are categorically off-topic and will be deleted:
    • Nudity and profanity
    • Anything illegal
    • Unsolicited advertising
    • Repetitive posts

  • The following are some examples of on-topic subjects:
    • The weather
    • Art
    • Dinner (and any other descriptions of food and/or recipes)
    • Travel
    • Gardening
    • Literature
    • Web design
    • Philosophy
    • Science Fiction
    • Music
    • Natural Disasters
    • Movies and Television
    • Bicycling
    • The possibilities are practically endless....

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