biketrip 22 Sept to 17 Oct 1997

(from Limoges to Cahors and in and around Brive)

From 22 September to 17 October 1997, we cycled 966.5 km.

Here are four photos (click on them to see enlargements) from the three rolls that we took:

photo between Bordeilles and Brantôme (jpg 2.94kb)Monday 29th September 1997     The road taken from Bourdeilles to Brantôme is fairly typical of the roads we took in the 3 1/2 weeks of riding. We saw very few cars. It ran through a forest of oak along a little river. We passed some large chateaus and stopped at a shady spot on the river for lunch. There were water lilies and water spiders on the green waters of the river. A little breeze pushed the many fallen leaves even faster down river.

After lunch T tried to get a picture of us under the lip of a small cave. This whole road was riddled with caves live this. He set the camera on the seat of his bike, pressed automatic and ran as hard as he could but the camera went off before he could reach the cave. Later on, we saw many more caves; some were used as garages and some larger caves had houses built into them.


photo of Chateau de BironSunday October 5th 1997     The last bit of steep climb to the Chateau de Biron, 9 km from Monpazier. We arrived just in time to get in. We entered at the same time as a French family with two little kids who ran on ahead laughing and poking their blonde heads over the ramparts. It cost 28FF each to get in and it was worth it even for the view alone. The lady who gave us our tickets locked the doors to the chateau and after instructing us on how to get out if she wasn't back when we were finished, took some French people on a tour of the chateau. We had to leave via a small door at the back walls and walk all the way around the wall dodging nettle patches to get to our bicycles.


photo of Limeuil lunch spotMonday October 6th 1997     The day's lunch was had in a park at the confluence of the Vèzére and Dordogne rivers in Limeuil. We sat at a picnic table and watched the ducks and geese and other tourists whom we had met at the Cingle de Limeuil not far behind on the road. As we were eating our lunch of fantastic chevre, fantastic trappe echourgnac (28FF for a big round of abbaye cheese) and fantastic pears (if it wasn't so hilly, it would be almost worth it to backtrack to the lady's little epicerie and apologize for doubting her word that she only sold the best), a little terrier dog was suddenly seated behind me looking up patiently. He moved to my other side and sat down again then curled up under the table and went to sleep.

After we'd finished lunch, T tried to feed him a little bread but he was so well fed from begging from others that clearly he wasn't going to eat bread. The ducks did though and just as I was going to snap a picture of T surrounded by ducks, another little dog came gambling up frightening them all away. He did take the bread and wolfed it down. It started to rain a little bit so we headed on towards Les Eyzies. As we crossed the Vèzére on the relatively busy bridge going into Les Eyzies, I looked below to see a man waist deep in water, fly-fishing. It was clear from the wide arc of his line casting out onto the smooth waters that he was oblivious to the turmoil above him.


photo of Castlefrank lunch spotThursday October 9th 1997     The riding was good - mostly sunny through forest land down hill to Peyrilles and then UP out of Peyrilles (about half way between Les Eyzies and Puy L'Eveque) for a short but very steep hill and then down again into tobacco and corn fields. We had lunch in Castlefrank not far from Puy L'Eveque on the banks of the Lot River at this idyllic spot. It couldn't have been more beautiful. We sat on some rocks on the river's edge right by an arched brick bridge that looked onto a stone arched bridge and an old dam that caused a beautiful small waterfall that drowned out the noise of the National highway traffic above. We had the best cabécou yet and excellent pears. We tried ewe's milk yoghurt that I found to be a bit too funky but it provided us with two perfect size glass vessels to drink our evening digestifs of eau de vie (Poire William) with which we had become accustomed to ending our evenings.

3 days later as we were having lunch in a small restaurant in Brive-la-Guaillarde, there were some people at the table next to us who came up and asked if they hadnt' just seen us in Peyrilles on bicycles! They must have seen us slogging up the hill. We noticed that one woman kept hanging around, probably wondering if it was us. They seemed impressed that we were there already. (We were impressed that they recognized us.) But I let the cat out of the bag and said we'd come by train from Cahors.

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photo of Cave painting One of the cave paintings we saw in the grotte de Font de Gaume in Les Eyzies

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