Grilled Red Snapper and Greek Lemon Oregano Potatoes

April 2008

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Greek Lemon Oregano Potatoes - April 2008

The potatoes are oven roasted with fresh lemon juice and Greek oregano. (There is also olive oil, chicken stock, salt and pepper.)

lemons and Greek oregano - April 2008

This red snapper couldn't have turned out better! T rubbed the fish with olive oil, salt, pepper and thyme and then clamped it into this handy bbq fish basket.

red snapper - April 2008

To cook the fish, we used the gas barbecue. Our gas barbecue can be turned on on one side only. T put the left-hand side on low and placed a metal tray with hickory chips on the burner. He then put the fish on the right-hand side and closed the lid to cook it over indirect heat. When it was time to finish the fish by grilling it, he decided to use the wood chips that had turned into beautiful glowing coals.

wood chips - April 2008

red snapper - April 2008

There was a wonderful lemon caper sauce that we drizzled overtop the fish.

lemon caper sauce - April 2008

closer view of caper sauce

lemon caper sauce - April 2008

Greek potatoes with grilled/smoked red snapper and snow peas is terrific.

Greek Lemon Oregano Potatoes - April 2008

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Greek Potatoes (WHB#129: oregano) includes recipe

The oregano is from a potted Greek oregano plant overwintering in the basement. Oregano is winter hardy here but we do not have enough sun in our tiny shaded garden to put it in the ground. If there is a sunny patch, oregano grows like a weed and thrives on neglect.... Oregano looks very similar to sweet marjoram and is, in fact, a cousin. The flavour of oregano is much wilder and stronger though. When grown indoors, like most herbs, oregano's flavour fades dramatically and becomes much milder.

Greek oregano - April 2008

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