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Basil Pesto

May 2006
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In August or September, I make plenty of the beginnings of basil pesto and freeze it in icecube containers for use later on. There is nothing more wonderful than to taste summer when it's the middle of winter (or a very cold spring).

frozen basil pesto (May 2006) frozen basil pesto (May 2006)

Toast whole pinenuts and caramelize a little garlic in olive oil. Add thawed pesto to the pan and stir. Grill porkchops. Toss spaghettini in pesto. Add pasta to plate.

basil pesto with whole pinenuts (May 2006) grilled pork chop (May 2006)
toss spaghettini (May 2006) add pasta to plate (May 2006)
serve spaghettini with basil pesto (May 2006)

Here it is served with steamed sugar snap peas and a garnish of fresh basil leaves.

spaghettini with basil pesto, grilled porkchop, sugar snap peas (May 2006)

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Genovese Basil newly transplanted into a pot in late May 2006 (Ageratum 'Hawaii Blue' Ageratum houstonianum in the center)

basil in garden just planted (May 2006)

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