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Hamburger Buns

June 2006

These buns are actually closer to being thick pitas but they work really well as hamburger buns... Using the barbecue to cook them is a great way to be able to have homemade bread in the summer when it's too hot to turn the oven on. (Naan can be made with exactly the same method.)

buns - June 2006

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I made focaccia dough and instead of shaping into a rectangle and putting it in an oiled pan, I divided it into 6 balls and either rolled or flattened with the hands. We each shaped three... and then sprayed with water and added sesame seeds to all and nigella seeds on two.

shaping - June 2006 shaping - June 2006
shaping - June 2006 shaping - June 2006
shaping - June 2006 adding seeds - June 2006

We heated up the barbecue and put them on the grill and closed the lid. It took virtually no time at all for them to puff up. This method of baking bread works equally well for naan and pitas. (See more photos of making buns on the barbecue.)

baking: start - June 2006 baking: puffing up- June 2006

When they were puffed up, it was time to turn them over. (These buns are also great with grilled chicken and mole.)

baking - June 2006 baking: turned over - June 2006

Perfect for a really good hamburger

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Amazingly, the seeds stayed put! And the buns made great hamburgers. (Too bad our oven roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes got away from us and got just a little too charred but they were still good!)

hamburger - June 2006

Vegetables cooked in a barbecue wok are also wonderful with hamburgers.

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